Winter and municipal technology

The products and services are designed to meet the requirements of their customers. Aebi Schmidt manufactures and sells technologically leading vehicles and implements for the segments:


Municipal winter service


Schmidt’s modern ploughing systems in their many variations provide for well-cleared roads at all times. Besides their enormous clearing capacity, they also stand out for their high degree of user friendliness and low maintenance.


Schmidt’s rotating snow clearing machines are deployed first and foremost in difficult snow conditions and for clearing walls of snow at the roadside.



Municipal summer service


World wide, Schmidt is the supplier with the largest product range of sweepers and cleansing vehicles aiming at the efficient cleaning of pavements, inner-city areas and roads.


With the special Schmidt road repair machines, potholes, cracks and other types of road surface damage are quickly and efficiently eliminated.


Suitable for operation on pavements, ground conserving, designed for steep slopes and versatile, Aebi offers complete solutions for challenging as well as everyday situations, for efficient and cost-effective work all year round. Aebi is a partner you can trust for the mechanized care of turf and grassed areas, of embankments, for snow clearance and sweeping of roads, pavements and open spaces. And with our sophisticated engineering and good ideas, we are always one step ahead of the competition.


Clean streets are not only important because of the visual appearance: this is the only way to ensure that e.g. the rain can run off without obstructions. Schmidt sweepers are solid workers that offer the appropriate solution for any type of dirt.


Special machines for airports for cleaning aircraft operating areas


The high-tech Schmidt Airport Technology machines, which were specially developed for use on airports, de-ice and clean all runways and the apron, as well as all remaining air-traffic surfaces.


Tried and trusted machines from both winter and summer maintenance technology clear of snow and de-ice all access roads, parking areas, taxi stands and other ground surfaces on the landside of airports.


Modern spreader- and information systems from Schmidt perform an active contribution to the environment protection with economic dosage systems.



Special machines for agriculture


King of the slopes. The Aebi Terratrac are versatile implement carriers, for use in sloping terrain, with attachment areas at the front and rear. Thanks to the lightweight, broad design with a low centre of gravity and identically-sized Terra tyres all around, they are thoroughly at home on sloping terrain and minimize soil compaction. The finely graduated Terratrac programme encompasses models with mechanical or stepless hydrostatic drive. A range of front and rear attachments is available making the Terratrac useful all year round. Disc, drum or flail mowers, band hay rake, front loader, snow plough or snow blower can be mounted in front. Rear implements are for example: rotary harrow, plough, trailer, loader and round bale press. Their range of uses is almost limitless. The Terratrac – ingenious state-of-the-art technology, a host of potential applications and a first-class investment.


A pioneering concept. Carrying loads instead of pulling them. This principle is more relevant than ever and speaks unambiguously in favour of Transporters. Because in comparison with a combination of towing vehicle (tractor) and trailer, the Transporter is simply more compact and better able to cope with sloping terrain and hill-climbing. The power to weight ratio is better and the more even weight distribution on front and rear axles results in better traction over all four wheels – and above all, less ground damage. The common features of Aebi Transporters: all models and versions are extremely efficient, safe, manoeuvrable, easy to maintain and long-lasting. They represent the new Transporter generation with more elegant lines and well-conceived operator comfort.


With convention manual transmission, hydrostatic transmission, active steering for driver comfort and powerful engines, the single-axle machine is extremely versatile. The Aebi quick-fit connector system allows the use of a wide range of implements.