The expert in Aircraft power

Expert in aircraft power since 1949, GUINAULT Company is worldwide renown for its know-how and expertise in design and manufacturing of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment for :

  • electrical power supply : 400Hz and 28Vdc Ground Power Units (GPU) and Converters
  • thermal heating power : Air Conditioning Units
  • pneumatic power : Air Start Units


Ground Power Unit (GPU)


Many models and options available, according to the type of aircraft and your application, GUINAULT will be pleased to advise you with the best suitable model.
GPU (Ground Power Unit) can be mobile (trailer mounted), truck mounted on standard chassis cabin truck, mounted on push back tractors, etc...



Air Start Unit (ASU)


Based on Diesel engine and air screw compressor technology, the Guinault Air Start is your best partner for a safe aircraft engine start-up.



Frequency Converters


Sypply is available in the apron, GUINAULT Frequency Converters is the economic and environmental friendly solution for Aircraft Ground Power.



Air Conditioning / Cabin Heaters


Air Conditioning unit: For Aircraft air cabin cooling during night stop (for maintenance operation) or before passenger boarding.