Waterblasting technologies

Waterblasting Technologies

The world leader in Marking Removal, Rubber Removal, Surface Preparation & Pavement Cleaning

The Stripe Hog® Waterblasting System uses needle sharp water jets to quickly remove all types of roadway and airfield marking paint as well as runway rubber deposit build-up with the least amount of impact to the surface. This captive waterblasting system is manufactured and sold by Waterblasting Technologies of Stuart, Florida, USA.



Why Waterblasting on Airports?


The traditional method of road marking removal has been grinding. Others methods found around the world include shot blasting, sand blasting, soda blasting, and gas torches. When compared with waterblasting, the advantages are very clear.



Why Waterblasting on Highways?


The traditional method of runway rubber removal has been with chemicals. In recent years, some of the chemical companies have developed bio-degradable detergents in an effort to reduce the hazardous impact of their products on the environment. However, when compared to properly engineered, captive waterblasting, the advantages of the waterblasting are both significant and clearly understood.